Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mi-Teintes Thingies

I have a bunch of left-over Canson Mi-Teintes paper that I never use. This one's called buff, I think. I did a page of animal doodles, here are some of them.

On the left we have some colugo heads. These guys have a very unique look that I didn't really capture.

I like weird bat faces. There's so much variety in them, and lots of strange folds and flaps. This is banana bat, as you can see by the word balloon. I only had a picture of its head so the body is probably inaccurate.

This is a plains viscacha, a rodent kind of like a chinchilla.


Melissa said...

The texture of this paper lends itself well to fur texture. You can really see it in the viscacha tail. Nice!

Kathy! said...

Yay, a real comment! Thank you Melissa :D.