Monday, February 22, 2010

100 Mammals IV: A New Hope

A river dolphin eating jellybeans. They were hard to paint since each is about one millimeter long. I have a hat like this; it's warm but I look like a crazy person wearing it. You can't tell, but there's a thistle stuck on the side (not a feature of my hat).

Hyraxes are funny, though this doesn't look especially like one. This one likes eating defunct brands of chocolate sandwich cookies that almost sound like her name. I've never liked Oreos, but Hydroxes were good.

This is a sea lion, not a seal. Because it has earmuffs on, meaning it must have external ears under there. That's a nacho, by the way. With guacamole and some specks of salsa that seem to have disappeared.

This rhino is wearing some kind of weird gloves. She's drinking a green boba.

A caracal enjoying a broccoli tree with ranch dressing on it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Li'l Mammals

A leaf-nosed bat contemplates a tiny pickle.

A sweater-vested dugong with a corndog. I thought the orange slice on the sweater was unclear, so I gave it an orange charm bracelet too.

A pangolin with a milk shake -- the kind you can stir yourself in the metal cup.

A colugo, or flying lemur, eats popcorn. Popcorn is hard to paint.

Last up, a mountain goat with a deviled egg. That's a pear on the scarf.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More mammals (More-mals?)

First up this time, a bushbaby. I forgot what a shrimp scampi looked like when I was painting this. It seemed weird to make a bushbaby with little eyes.

This is a tree shrew. It's having some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Here's a quoll enjoying a mint-chip ice cream cone. I was into little animals with long bushy tails I guess!

I have a jacket just like this pretzel-eating moonrat's! I don't want to paint too many animals with a lot of black or dark brown, since that's hard to make them show up on the black paper.

Two-toed sloths are slightly less known than their three-toed cousins. This one is gnawing on a strip of bacon, by the way. When I get too tiny, I lose the details! I should get one of those brushes made with one hair.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

100 Furry Milk-drinkers

Ah, a new art challenge for myself. I wanted to use gouache, and got out my black sketchbook. I painted this little elephant drinking strawberry milk first, and was inspired to try to paint 100 tiny pictures. Now, a few things I like are mammals, cute things, and food. So, what better to make than 100 tiny mammals with food! A came up with a few guidelines: each mammal will be different, each will be holding a food or drink item, each will have some kind of clothes or other body adornment, each will have tiny indigo dots for eyes, each will have a fruit or flower somewhere, and each will have pink cheeks. Phew, that's a lot!

I figured if I did five a day, I'd be done by the end of the month. I don't know if I'll keep up that pace, but the first five were completed. Each painting is about an inch high, so these are scanned at five times actual size or so. This makes all errors even more glaring. While the elephant is highly stylized, the next few are getting more detail.

The beaver is using cob knobs! All of these have my trademark microscopic white eye highlight.

This echidna is eating one of those twisty unicorn pops. You can't really see the little toe nail ring on one foot.

This is a pika, if you can't tell. She's holding a blueberry muffin (maybe just the muffin top).

The last painting I did is of an aardvark with a beret and a loaf of french bread. Bonjour!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

From the depths of the jungle primeval...

I painted this jungle girl-type before. I liked her design, so I did a bit of doodling of the same character. She seems to live in an unidentified country in a wild landscape, is short with big messy hair and has a big booty good for walking everywhere. She also wears a bone bracelet on one arm, a flower in her hair sometimes, and prefers to make her outfits out of the pelts of various species of mammals, being careful to preserve the tails.

I don't have a name or any other back story about her, I just think it's fun to draw somone living off the land and having adventures with animals.