Friday, March 26, 2010

Mammal Snacks

This is a monito del monte, a little South American marsupial. This picture didn't work out so well because they have huge eyes, and I've been making all of these animals have little dot eyes. I should paint another of these; they're really cute. This one is going to have the classic treat Ants on a Log (peanut butter and raisins on celery).

Now this is something I've painted before – a red river hog. She has a pinafore and a tater tot. They have the funnest ears.

A yellow-winged bat in striped socks is going to eat some spinach ravioli. There are a lot of bat species, all of them being most difficult to draw standing on two legs and holding something.

This turbaned little creature is a piebald shrew. She's having a brownie with walnuts, mmm!

A shawl-wearing long-tailed porcupine. She has a dish of flan.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Munching Mammals

A Slurpee-sipping paca. They're like big fawn-spotted guinea pigs. I got some new arm warmers that are almost this color.

I saw a wild minke whale once. Here's one about to have a delicious cinnamon roll.

This is a spectacled dormouse. Contrary to various Alice in Wonderlands, they do look different than regular mice. Note the cute fluffy tail. She's having a non-alcoholic mint julep, just like the ones at Disneyland.

Hey, at last, someone having a healthy food! A vicuña in a breadfruit polo with a carrot.

Desmans seem to like standing up on two legs; I've seen a few pictures of them doing it. This one looks like she's going to dance in a chorus line. She's holding a piece of beef jerky.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Mammaling Along

Today's batch of pictures starts with a chevrotain. Wearing a mango-cardigan and getting ready to eat a poorly-painted cracker.

Female narwhals don't have the big tooth, you see. All the better to enjoy a rainbow shave ice!

So much confusion here. She's a long-tongued nectar bat, eating a cheese cube on one of those frilly toothpicks, and has a dragonfruit necklace and spats. Spat bat!

A Yarkand hare that needs to learn how to hold a teacup.

I like 50/50 bars! So I made a white-handed gibbon liking one too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cute 'n Fluffy

Pink fairy armadillos love old-school bottled sodas. She's wearing two carnations on her head too.

I've drawn many a platypus in my day. Not one eating a donut before now, though. Bonus persimmon hat!

Here's your favorite American marsupial and mine, the peanut-eating, muskmelon-snooded opposum!

A plantain squirrel samples an edamame pod.

A checkered elephant shrew has a delicious Pop-Tart, possibly cherry flavored. The cliche of the fez had to show up sometime in 100 clothed creatures!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Mammals

A cinnamon bear (the black bear variety, not the red candy) examines a giant Jell-O cube. With a fig medal!

This is a female red kangaroo, which are blue, not red. She's enjoying some orange juice while wearing a dapper vest.

A tapir with a croissant. I bet you can guess why I gave her a watermelon shirt.

This picture didn't quite work. It's an arctic fox, though it doesn't look much like one.

A long-eared hedgehog is going to have some gummy worms.


This little Przewalski's horse is very sporty, with a peach tank top and a rice cake. I like the hair gap from the headband.

This putty-nosed guenon likes toast and jam. Her sweater is supposed to have a plum on it.

A ringed seal with a tasty skewer of various foods.

Gundis are round little rodents with interesting ears. They live in colonies, and look very soft. Sometimes they like olives of both colors.

A nautical walrus having a green bell pepper. Aye aye, cap'n!