Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tin Boxes A-Plenty!

Hi-dilly-ho, neglectarinos! I need to put more sketches on here. But I'm too lazy to scan and I don't like doing digital sketches. I even tried to color this sketch digitally but it looked horrid so nuts to that.

This probably needs some explanation (if you already get it, you're a genius!) In India, I guess most office workers like to eat homemade meals, out of tin cylinders. A wife or mom or someone makes the lunch, and a person called a dabbawalla collects a bunch of cylinders and delivers them. I saw a documentary on them once; it's a very complicated system but they almost never make mistakes and are very punctual. So in my world, a double-wattled cassowary got a job as a dabbawalla!

I got a vintage tin recipe box to put stuff in. I think I'll keep my gouache in it and be the coolest person ever.

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