Friday, October 12, 2007


I like drawing with this calligraphy pen! It has nice line variation but a bit more control than a brush pen since the tip isn't as flexible. It's pretty blue too.

I'm posting these picture not necessarily because I like them, but they have certain features that I liked. I was going for a 1930s cartoon character with this fellow. I like how his head came out, but his body is ugly. Real people should wear gloves and shorts and giant shoes with no shirt.

I'm pleased with the head feathers on this laughing cockatoo griffiny thing. I can never seem to plan nice flowy lines; they just appear sometimes by themselves. Its little wings are funny too.

The lion came out with some good line variations. I don't know what kind of critter he's getting scolded by. I hope that I can keep trying to get some of the crazy liveliness into my more finished artwork.

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