Friday, October 14, 2011

How do you get them so small?

A minor background character from Beetlejuice inspired this picture. I like the traditional makeup and illusions that are used on the dead waiting room people. I watched the 2 scenes that this explorer with a shrunken head is in. He looks like he has big eyelashes in my drawing, when he really has wrinkled bulging eyes. I think it's funny how he has this staring expression. I used my heliotrope pen to rough out a sketch while watching the movie, then went back after to tighten it up. He's contemplating what to do with his hat now.

Things I noticed: in the first scene, his hat has a plain khaki band, but in the very end it has leopard/cheetah spots. He's also has a National Geographic on his lap in the first scene, and what appears to be the Handbook for the Recently Deceased in the second scene. So I did a bonus super-quick doodle of him checking out the magazine.

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