Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brushes with Averageness

I did a few doodles to play with my brush pen. First is a ridiculous one; the word "binocula" just popped into my mind so I went with it. This paper doesn't like being erased either. I drew first with nonphoto blue pencil (guess it's not non-scan blue) and tried erasing it in places where it muddled the lines, but it took off the top layer of paper, along with the ink. Smudgy vampire power!

I think these old-timey bathing suits are neat. A zebra frolicking along the boardwalk. Jolly fun! I think I drew too small to get a real varied line with the pen, which is what people like using brushes for. My bad.


Susan Golton said...

Haha! your characters are so alive! You're inspiring me to get drawing, It's been too long!

Kathy! said...

Thanks for the kind words! I took a look at your website, you have some fun designs on there. I love the folded bird cards.

Susan Golton said...

Thank you for looking! I'm glad you like my work ^^