Thursday, April 08, 2010

Still Hungry

A mountain beaver (not to be confused with regular beavers) is a primitive rodent. This one is a churro fan.

This one does not look good this big. I apologize for the messy koala; the actual painting is probably the smallest one so far, and is about 3/4ths of an inch high. At least she's proud of her curly fry.

A bonneted Atlantic white-sided dolphin is about to sip her magical underwater pink lemonade. I made the head look more like a bottlenose though; they have less prominent rostrum.

Little Red Riding solenodon takes a cheddar biscuit to grandma's house. They are strange animals.

You can see that I painted this one before Easter. This orangutan has some Peeps. I'll admit, orangutans are not my favorite animals, but all other apes are too dark to show up well on the black paper. Sorry, Pongo.

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