Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I saw an appealing little picture that looked like it was done in gouache. I wanted to try out something similar, so I asked for some animals and used the first two suggestions. The first one, a mastodon, didn't come out too well. I wanted it to be stylized, with mostly thick brush-inked lines, and a circle of color around it. It came out too muddy and I think I went too thick on the inking. I kind of like the mastodon's stylization; it's a lot more angular than my stuff usually is. Painted with Havannah Lake (the supposed best gouache color ever).

The next animal was a tree kangaroo. I picked the Ursine Tree Kangaroo because I liked its floofy ears. I have no idea how I ended up with this picture though. I wanted it to be holding something and a spatula appeared, then the apron and egg wanted to get in to the picture. I like the border of this one better, with its fuzzy outline. I had also wanted to paint a furry animal without much furry texture to it. It kind of worked. It was an interesting experiment overall, don't know if I'll use this style again or not.

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