Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ahh, Iron Bird!

I've always liked Disneyland's old attraction posters, the stylized ones with limited color palettes. This picture was also inspired by travel posters from the 20s and 30s (which I guess might be what inspired Disney artists). I used acrylic on illustration board for the background, then gouache for the bontebok family watching a plane come in.


mjlai said...

Ohhh I do like this one quite a bit.. :) I need to do more colored pieces. =\ But at least I"m sketching again every day.. it's been a really long time since I drew at all.

meltho8 said...

suh-weet! :)

mooinskw said...

hello. me (weevily) here.
Um...that's really cool. Major kudos!